Ready to Start A Garden?

You're ready to start a garden but not sure where to begin.

You don't know what you need and you may not be quite sure of what you even want to grow.

You're going to love The Grow Academy online video course. We are going to show you all the TIPS, TRICKS, and techniques no matter if you want to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, or a combination of them all so you can enjoy a wonderful and beautiful gardening journey.



What you'll learn

The Grow Academy is a 4-week course focusing on everything you need to start, grow, AND maintain a healthy garden.

The Garden Basics

Learn about your soil and the ideal soil you should strive for in your garden. Learn ways to add nutrients to your soil, and the different types of fertilizers.

Save time and money by getting the essentials gardening items that you need for your growing environment.

Garden Planning

Now it's time to plan ahead so you can get growing. We are going to teach you step by step how to plan your garden correctly and the different methods of gardening. What you need to know about where to place your plants and how to properly space them.

Fertilizers, Pests and Diseases

This is a subject that many people don't want to talk about but it needs to be discussed. Although we always strive to have a beautiful garden lets be real. I want to equip you with what you need to do in the event you do have pests or diseases strike your garden.

Beneficial Insects, Weeding, and Garden Maintenance

In order to grow and healthy garden, maintenance is a must. You can't just plant and walk away. Learn the secret to growing and maintaining a healthy garden.

Ready to create and grow an amazing garden?


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  • Companion Planting Guide
  • Quick and Easy Raise Garden Bed Tutorial

See what gardeners who have taken our courses have to say:

"Good Morning! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for giving me the confidence to grow."

- Sherrie

"I'm excited about taking this journey."

- Tara

I wanted to pick up a new hobby and I thought gardening would be the best for me. Southern Entertaining is so detail and gives so much information Thank you Southern Entertaining!

- Ariana

Are you ready to start growing with confidence?

You have 2 options:

Option 1:

You can continue to watch videos, google the information on what you think may be the problem and get frustrated and possibly even give up because you keep thinking you can't grow. You just don't have what it takes because you have tried everything

Option 2:

You can fast track and learn what it takes to have a beautiful and bountiful garden. It does not matter if you want to grow 1 thing or 100 things

A Word From Your Hostess

“Gardening is my passion and I truly love to teach others how to grow and enjoy the freshness and fruits of thier labor. This course will teach how to grow so that you can share with your family and your friends. It doesn't matter if it's flowers, vegetables, herbs, or a combination of them. When you grow you know how it was grown, you know what was done to the plant and you get to harvest at the optimal time. Once you get started you will not want to go back."


Why wait? Get the course now!

Why keep talking about it and do it? Learn how to grow your own. Take control today and enjoy a homegrown garden

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